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Linear PotentiometersComparison table
Specifications TEQ
Technology Conductive plastic Conductive plastic Conductive plastic
Stroke length(mm) 50-1000 50 50-300
Linearity 0.10% 2% 0.50%
Mounting method Rod end bearing at     shaft end, Mounting clamps Screw mounting Rod end bearing on both ends
Output 4 pin connecter DIN Stud terminals Shielded Cable
Life/millions of stroke (million) 10 0.1 5
Optional accessories/features   Signal conditioner 0-10VDC,                        4-20mA, 3core cable, 4 ½ DRO for display Signal conditioner 0-10VDC, 4-20mA, 3core cable, 4 ½ DRO for display 2 track resistance elements, 0- 10 VDC, 4-20mA 4 ½ DRO for display signal condotioner
Specifications Linear potentiometer FLEXILIN
Technology Conductive plastic printed on special glass epoxy laminate (FR4)
Stroke length(mm) 50-300
Std. resistance 1K, 5K 10K +/-30%
Linearity % ± 3%
Mounting methode Direct sticking on object by gum tape
Out put 3 pin connector
Wiper material Recommended material steel ball 4 mm dia. Or plastic material such as polyamide or similar with spherical shape.
Wiper force 1-5 Newton
Life (million) 1
Temperature -40 °C +105°C
Features Very thin linear potentiometer ;Easy customization of wiper can be used for contact ,required very small space,simple adaption to customer requirement,resistant to common solvent & dimple formation