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D.C Solar Ecoled BulbsComparison table
Solar Ecoled Bulbs Specification
Input Operating voltage range 12V DC 12V DC 12V DC
Power Consumption 2W 4W 6W
Led Light Output (Lumen) 200 Lumen (Cool White) 400 Lumen (Cool White) 600 Lumen (Cool White)
Electronic Efficency >85% >85% >85%
Power Factor >0.8 >0.8 >0.8
Color Rendering index >70 and above >70 and above >70 and above
Colour Temperature 6500k (Cool White) 6500k (Cool White) 6500k (Cool White)
Fixtures Air fins with Alu. heat sink housing with Air fins for excellent heat dissipation
Unbreakable Polycaronate dome with good diffusion Properties, Repairable and Recycled
Led Make Best industrial quality high lumen/Watt LED's
Working Life >50,000 Hrs
Driver output has Over Voltage and short circuit protection
Note:Solar Ecoled Bulbs are also available in warm white color
Appilcation:General Lighting for Home, Offices, Malls, Hotels, Industries, Rural Area, etc.,