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Potentiometers for Angle Sensing Feedback ControlComparison table
Automotive Sensors is a major part of our business.Our Products are being used by leading OEM's & Tier1 suppliers in applications like Engine Management System (EMS) , Safety System,Regenerative braking & Level Indication .
Position Sensor for Electric Car Regenerative System 18 deg electrical angle ,45 deg mechanical stroke,inbuilt 3 pin connector Throttle Position Sensor for Diesel Injector System 60 deg electrical angle,90 deg mechanical Stroke,Resin Potting Temperature Sensor IC based ,Resin potting for protection Extended wire with connector,2 wire system 3V output Brake Fluid Low Level Warning Indicator Reed Switch based,Magnetic Float actuation,wire + connector Fuild Level Sensor Ceramic substrata ,co-molded body with integral connector